Geeky Gingerbread Competition 2016 – Winners! (And entries.)

geeky gingerbread competition 2016

Hello all! It’s finally time for me to reveal the winners of The Geeky Gingerbread Competition 2016, and show you some amazing gingerbread pieces! Some of these bakers had tried making gingerbread before, while others ventured into unknown territories, but what they all had in common was that they turned in something truly creative and magical. And I’m so excited to share it with you!

In no particular order, let’s take a look at two runner-ups (that made us really sad we only had three prizes to give).

“Little Gingerbread Women” by Alison. 

little-women-jo-gingerbread-d-2687Alison says: This is the dessert for the Little Women menu I made last year: Little Gingerbread Women! They’re gingerbread cookie versions of the March sisters (from left to right: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy). I made the dresses and hair with icing and sprinkles, and I drew the faces with food markers. The gingerbread itself is homemade, and the icing and sprinkles were store bought.

We think that overall, the Little Gingerbread Women was the cleanest work; you can tell they were made with great care, and that it’s definitely not Alison’s first time decorating cookies; the details are just beautifully made, and we especially love that little hair braid! Too cute!

You can connect with Alison on Twitter and Facebook, or you can visit her blog Alison’s Wonderland Recipes (she even shared the recipe for these!)

“A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up” by Kate.

gingerb02Kate says: Pleased to present Usagi’s Crystal Star from Sailor Moon. I baked 3 circles and the gems and star in gingerbread, then covered them in royal icing, making a huge mess, as is customary. Everything is made from scratch, and I even stole my dad’s pink food coloring to do it! When I placed the gems in the undecorated picture, I placed them in the wrong place. (That’s why you triple check everything!) Luckily, I caught that before icing.

Several of us squeed, when we saw a Sailor Moon entry! We love how Kate created this iconic piece using simple shapes, turning them into something cool and easily recognizable. The colors really lift the piece, and on top of that, it looks super delicious. We wish we could have taken a bite!

You can connect with Kate on Facebook.

And now, it’s time to reveal the three winners; the Sherlock, Mabel, and Marauder, who each wins a 20 EUR gift card to Etsy!

*Drum roll*

Winner of the Sherlock award: “Santa Mario Bros” by Danielle.
(This award goes to superior baking- and construction skills. You are to gingerbread building what Sherlock is to crime solving; brilliant and meticulous.)

img_1653Danielle says: This was my first ever attempt at baking and creating my own gingerbread masterpiece – huzzah! I measured and cut out my own templates for the castle and then cut out the gingerbread and baked and put it all together with royal icing (also my first time making and using it and oh man is it fun to play with). My son very meticulously placed the candy on the castle and I made the M&M covered ground. The part I’m most proud of is the tiny little Mario M flag pole. I also really love the icing covered ice cream cone for the tube. 

We really love the overall look of this, and how the Danielle and her son managed to combine both the Mario and Christmas theme into one festive piece, without downplaying either. The candy corns and tiny trees in the turrets are such an adorable detail, and the M&M path looks meticulously spaced. And that little flag pole is utter perfection!

You can connect with Danielle on Instagram or visit her blog From Girlie To Nerdy.

Winner of the Mabel award: “Christmas at the Weasleys” by Joanna.
(This award goes to creative ideas and execution. Just like Mabel Pines, your gingerbread will bedazzle us with its originality and creativity, and would get an A+ in any Arts & Crafts class.)

20161213_191308Joanna says: Made with a kit, and pre-made candies with slight modifications, but 100% edible! I have made a few kits over the years but I’ve never gone “off book” for one before! This was fun! I included “boots” and cauldrons in the front yard but my favorite thing is that I made a broom shed with quidditch balls! 

We love how creatively this gingerbread kit was put together, and pretty darn impressed that it managed to stay up like that (must be magic). We also love the decorative details; the little peanut butter cup smokestack is adorable, and the marshmallow snowman gives us life.

You can connect with Joanna on Twitter.

Winner of the Marauder award: “A Very Supernatural Christmas” by Fanny and Saga.
(This award goes to a particularly funny entry. In true Marauders style, your aim is to make us laugh and wish for a prequel, when we behold your magical gingerbread piece.)

Fanny says: This year I decided to make a Supernatural themed christmas house, simply making a motel with the Impala parked up front (well, simple isn’t really the right choice of word, I guess). It’s all made from scratch with my lovely friend Saga. I wish I could have could have done more details on the inside, but lack of time kind of prevented that. In the end it’s a kitchen, two beds, tv, and then the mighty divider in the room they always have in the show. 

Holy details, Batman! We all laughed from delight, when we saw how detailed Fanny and Saga had made the interior, and the front of the piece just looks so inviting, too. We especially love the Impala, and we are sure Dean would approve.

You can connect with Fanny on Instagram.

A big congratulations to the three winners! And a big thank you to all the participants; we had so much fun seeing your entries, and I hope you had every bit as much fun creating something for us to see! Here is to many more gingerbread adventures!

I also want to thank my fellow judges for playing along! And on that note, allow me to introduce all of them a bit further, because they are all incredibly talented internet creators in their own right, and you should all check out their work!

Katharina of Pretty Cake Machine: Katharina has been working in professional pastry for nearly a decade. Her specialty is cake sculpting and decorating, and she has won national competitions in this category. Her current focus is Pretty Cake Machine, a blog dedicated to demystifying professional pastry techniques for home cooks. She is also a giant nerd and obsessed with her 3 cats. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Diana of Fiction Food Café: Diana loves food from fiction and runs Fiction-Food Café where she creates recipes for food she finds in books, movies, TV shows, and video games. She’s also a co-host on Fiction Kitchen Podcast, and runs a geek moms club and youth book club in her local community. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Em of Em Somerville Illustration: Em is an Australian Illustrator and Baker living in San Francisco. A self-taught maker of wedding cakes and cupcakes, she is influenced by glitter, unicorns and pastels. Her hope is simple – to create something that will add a little magic to your existence. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

And then let me just end this by saying that the Geeky Gingerbread Competition will most definitely be returning next year, too, so you can all start planning ahead ;)



  • Alison’s Wonderland Recipes

    That gingerbread Impala. LOVE! ^.^

  • Danielle Knapp

    I love all of them – so happy I was able to participate …and very humbled that I won the Sherlock category :) Thank you for hosting such a fun contest!

  • Kay

    These are spectacular! That gingerbread Impala – classic! Fabulous entries, and congrats to the winners!