Portrait by the very talented Ryna Ordynat.

Hi there!

I’m Rosa. I’m a 27 year old Dane, possibly human, a gingerbread artist, and a massive geek. I recreate iconic scenes from my favorite books, movies and TV shows in 100% edible gingerbready form. And then I share pictures of it on the Internet. I’m cool that way.

I strive to make people smile with my gingerbread that’s more often described as funny, cute or peculiar than pretty or even remotely architecturally impressive; I am okay with this, and it requires less math on my part. (Just kidding, although to be perfectly honest, I do occasionally miscalculate, so the pieces don’t fit together. #NoFilter.)

I started my gingerbread baking adventures a couple of years ago as a way of keeping myself occupied while battling a severe case of anxiety and depression that put me under mental house arrest for a couple of years. It has yet to offer a magical cure (if only – imagine what a happy place the world would be, if gingerbread baking solved all our problems), but it does make me feel slightly productive and creative, and that makes a world of difference!

I am a staff member over at the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. We are all about creating friendships, and celebrating geekdom and snail mail, and despite what the name might indicate, people of all genders are welcome. Head over to our site to read more about us and join the club.

I’m also an officer for Geek Girl Brunch’s Copenhagen chapter. Geek Girl Brunch is an international organization whose mission it is to create a safe space for identifying geek girls where local friendships can be made over brunch and geeky conversation. If you are located in Copenhagen or near, you should come to our next brunch. If you are located anywhere else, you should check if there is a chapter near you

If you are Danish (or enjoy listening to/reading random languages you do not understand, no judgement here) you can also check out my Danish podcast and blog Hva’ Fan.

For gingerbread updates and your regular cakefix, you can follow me on Instagram. If I strike you as a person with semi-interesting things to say about everything else too, you may also want to follow me on Twitter. I’m always up for a chat on both platforms, so come say hello! signaturegs